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Senator Shurden to Introduce to Legislation to Castrate Sex Offenders

State Sen. Frank Shurden said he will once again attempt to pass a bill into law to allow the surgical castration of convicted rapists.

“I’ve been fighting for this law for 28 years. We’re seeing more and more cases in the news where children are kidnapped from their homes, raped and molested by convicted sex offenders who’ve been released. It is obvious that treatment doesn’t work. Castration is what it takes to protect innocent women and children.
We need to do it,” said Shurden, D-Henryetta.

Under Shurden’s bill, the jury would have to determine if the crime meets at least two aggravated circumstances as outlined in the legislation. Aggravated circumstances would include the rape of a child, rapes resulting in significant physical injury to the victim, gang rapes and previous convictions for sex crimes. In addition, a DNA test positively identifying the defendant as the rapist would be required before
castration could be ordered by a judge.

Similar legislation was approved by the Senate in 2004 but was not heard in the House. An earlier version of the bill passed both chambers in 2002 only to be vetoed by then Gov. Frank Keating.

“No other species on the planet rapes their own young. I think it is ridiculous when people argue castration is cruel and unusual punishment. What is cruel and unusual are the unspeakable things these monsters do to their victims,” Shurden said. “We must make Oklahoma a safe place for our women and children.”

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