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Senator Sharp receives perfect score for business advocacy

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senator Ron Sharp was recognized this week for his support of pro-business legislation this session by the Research Institute for Economic Development (RIED), a non-partisan organization that grades Oklahoma’s legislators on their votes on key economic development issues. 

            This year’s RIED Report considered votes for 19 bills including House Bills 1416, 2480, 2509, 2562, 2580, 2630, 2711, 2903, 2956, 2974 and 3365 as well as Senate Bills 1023, 1218, 1246, 1799, 1905, 1948, 2029 and 2128. Sharp served as the principal Senate author of HB 2956 and co-authored HB 2480.  

            Sharp was one of only 14 legislators out of 149 who got a perfect score on this year’s RIED Report.

             “Oklahoma businesses are the backbone of our state’s economy,” said Sharp, R-Shawnee.  “To improve economic growth and job creation, we must enact policies that make Oklahoma more attractive to the businesses that create those jobs.  We not only want Oklahoma to be the best place to live, raise a family and retire but also the best place to work or run a business.”

            Under the RIED evaluation system, legislators earn positive points when they support job creation and economic development issues. Points are deducted when they introduce or vote for legislation that negatively impacts Oklahoma’s business climate.  A score of 70 and above represents a passing grade while 69 and below represents a failing grade.  

            “The 2014 legislative session continues a trend of support for economic development, business initiatives and job creation in Oklahoma,” said Susan Winchester, RIED president. “Legislative members, such as Senator Sharp, recognize the vital importance of creating a business environment that will attract new industry while providing growth opportunities and less regulation to our existing businesses.”

            During the 2014 session, 88 of the 149 legislative members (59%) received passing scores of 70 or higher including 31 Senate members (65%) and 57 House members (56%). 

             “As I have said many times during my association with RIED, it is vital the state legislature be proactive in creating a business environment in Oklahoma that ensures economic development and quality employment opportunities for our citizens,” said Greg Love, RIED board chairman. “From all accounts, Senate and House members continued to do just that this session at the state Capitol.”

            The complete RIED Report is available at

The Research Institute for Economic Development was founded in 1997 and is a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting economic growth through the evaluation of business, job and economic growth issues considered annually by the Oklahoma Legislature. RIED does not lobby issues or endorse candidates.

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