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Senator Scott files bus safety legislation

Sen. Paul Scott Sen. Paul Scott

In an effort to decrease the number of injuries and accidents caused by people passing stopped school buses, Sen. Paul Scott has authored Senate Bill 947. The bill will increase the penalty for overtaking a stopped school bus from $100 to $500.

“This is a serious issue. Many kids ride the school bus each day and it’s our job to make sure they get to school and back home safely,” said Scott, R-Duncan. “Some may think this fine is excessive but if you ask the parents of those who have been killed or injured in recent years by impatient drivers who couldn’t wait a couple of minutes to get on down the road, it’s a small price. I’m also sure the drivers who are now behind bars for murder would pay any amount to take back their one moment of impatience that ended an innocent child’s life.”

SB 947 was a request from a constituent who is a school bus driver.

The bill is strongly supported by Alex Superintendent Jason James.

“Parents send their kids to school with two priorities in mind, their safety and a good education while they are there. Any measure that can be taken to help us protect our kids and keep them safe is a blessing. We appreciate Senator Scott running this important legislation,” James said.

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