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Senator Pruitt Presents Middle East Resolution to Netinyahu

Senator Scott Pruitt (R - Broken Arrow) today presented a resolution to Benjamin Netinyahu that he authored calling for the United States Government to fully support Israel during this latest round of violence in the Middle East. The former Israeli President was speaking at an American Legislative Exchange Council Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Senator Pruitt, a member of the organization, was in attendance at the lunch meeting when he presented the former President with an official copy of the resolution. The measure was approved unanimously by the full Senate Wednesday afternoon.

Oklahoma knows first hand the tragedy and the horror of terrorism. We know how destructive it is, and we lament the tragic loss of life by the Israeli and Palestinian people during recent hostilities in the region, said Pruitt. Our country is Israels closest ally, and they are our closest ally in the Middle East and the only democratic nation in the entire region. After what happened in Oklahoma City, and then on September 11th in New York and Washington D.C., we must stand by Israel in the face of these terrorists.

Senator Pruitts legislation says that the Oklahoma State Senate on behalf of the citizens of Oklahoma supports the State of Israel and her citizens in the campaign against terror and in the effort to root out the terrorist infrastructure currently protected by and encouraged by the Palestinian Authority and other nations in the region still at war with the State of Israel.

The resolution also calls upon all Arab nations committed to peace to abstain from monetarily rewarding attacks on innocent citizens and to encourage accountability in the peace process by facilitating the establishment of democratic institutions of government in the Palestinian Authority to insure enforcement of peace in the future.

A copy of the resolution is available on the Senate website at . From the menu on the left side of the screen, select Text of Current Bills and then SR 41.

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