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Senator Nichols Files Bill to Create "Voter Hall of Fame"

Senator Nichols Senator Nichols

State Senator Jonathan Nichols feels it's time Oklahomans who always make it to the polls have a place of honor. That's why Nichols has authored legislation creating the "Oklahoma Voter Hall of Fame."

"We live in the greatest country in the world and enjoy freedoms others can only dream about. But with those freedoms comes a responsibility to participate in the democratic process. There are thousands of Oklahomans who take that responsibility seriously by participating in our elections," explained Senator Nichols, R-Norman.
Under the proposed legislation, Oklahoma citizens who have voted in at least 15 consecutive November elections would be eligible for the hall of fame.

"Basically, a friend or family member could call their local county election board and submit the person's name. Once their voting record is verified, the Secretary of the County Election Board would submit the nomination to the Oklahoma State Election Board for induction," said Nichols.
The legislation calls for the State Election Boards along with the County Election Boards to create and maintain an Internet website where the names of the members of the Voter Hall of Fame are listed. Members would also be given proof of membership signed by the Governor, the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

"Implementation of the legislation would involve little or no additional costs, but I believe it will prove to be an invaluable proposal. We must recognize those citizens who believe in this great country of ours and make their positive impact through exercising their right to vote. Their consistent voting record demonstrates a strong commitment to making the State of Oklahoma a better place for our children," Nichols said.

"These devoted citizens should be an inspiration to us all. They deserve this honor," said Nichols. "This is an award that recognizes one of the more patriotic legacies that a citizen can leave behind to their children," said Nichols.

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