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Senator Muegge To Conduct Second Meeting On Pipeline Easements

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Special Senate Interim Committee's second meeting on Pipeline Easements is scheduled for November 25. State Senator Paul Muegge (D-Tonkawa) serves as chairman of the interim committee.

"The meetings are designed for lawmakers to hear both sides of the pipeline easement issue," said Senator Muegge. "I'm hopeful that we can continue to gather input from pipeline company representatives and landowners as we work our way toward resolving differences over easements."

In the first meeting committee members heard primarily from the pipeline companies on the easement issue. This second meeting will be devoted to hearing the concerns landowners have about the acquisition of right of ways, property condemnations, and other issues.

"It is extremely important that all interested parties attend both meetings," said Senator Muegge. "The meetings will not mean the end of discussion on this important issued, but they will be the springboard for an open dialogue between those seeking resolution to easement problems."

The Tuesday, November 25th meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m.. It will be held in Room 419-C at the State Capitol.

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