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Senator Morgan Given Award For Anti-Child Abuse Legislation

OKLAHOMA CITY - Recognized for his "outstanding dedication to Oklahoma's children," Senator Mike Morgan was honored today at a ceremony in downtown Oklahoma City for his legislation aimed at fighting child abuse.

The award was presented by the Oklahoma Professional Society on the Abuse of Children in connection with the 8th Oklahoma Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect and Healthy Families Oklahoma 2000 Conference.

Senator Morgan of Stillwater along with Representative Mike Thornbrugh of Tulsa were honored for their legislation enabling the funding of special multidisciplinary teams to identify and stop child abuse throughout the state. A similar pilot program in Tulsa County had already proven extremely effective in helping investigate child abuse and prosecute offenders in a more timely manner.

"The fact is, when you can do a more efficient job of investigating and prosecuting abusers, you are protecting that child from additional abuse, and getting them the services they need much sooner,"
said Senator Morgan.

"We saw how that program was working in Tulsa County. Representative Thornbrugh and I were determined to duplicate that success throughout Oklahoma. Thanks to the passage of House Bill 2007, we can do just that," commented Senator Morgan.

Along with Senator Morgan and Representative Thornbrugh, Barbara Gish, President of the Payne County Child Advocacy Center was honored for her efforts in securing passage of HB 2007.

"Obviously, it is extremely gratifying to be recognized for this work. But beyond that, it is an incredible feeling to know that something you've been a part of may literally save the life of a child," said Senator Morgan.

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