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Senator Lawler to Donate 15 of Salary to Schools

Senator Daisy Lawler Senator Daisy Lawler

Senator Daisy Lawler is fulfilling a campaign pledge beginning this Friday evening when she presents a personal check for $1,000 to Bridge Creek Public Schools.

"I taught elementary school for 28 years. I know how our schools are struggling financially, and I wanted to do everything I could to help. That's why I promised last fall that if I were elected, I would donate 15 percent of my salary to schools in Senate District 24. The first check will be to Bridge Creek Schools," said Senator Lawler, D-Comanche.

Senator Lawler said she would present a check for $1,000 dollars to Bridge Creek Schools this Friday evening between the girls and boys basketball games between Bridge Creek and Newcastle.

"I'll donate 15 percent of my salary to another school district in April. I'll continue to help other districts during the school year. During the summer break, that money will help fund a Junior Senator Program which is aimed at encouraging first graders to read," explained Senator Lawler. First Grade teachers were sent information about the program in December. Students can earn a T-shirt for reading in the summer after qualifying during the second semester of first grade.

"This is something that I really wanted to do to support the teachers and the children in my district. I intend to do so my entire four-year term. I'm grateful and honored to be able to make this contribution," said Senator Lawler.


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