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Senator Lawler and Rep. Hilliard Commend Oklahoma Lottery Commission; Lawmakers Say Legislation Still Needed

Although the Oklahoma Lottery Commission reversed its decision made last week to allow pawn shops and payday loan centers to sell lottery tickets, State Senator Daisy Lawler said she still intends to file legislation to statutorily ban the sale of tickets at these places permanently.

“I commend the members of the Oklahoma Lottery Commission today who certainly made the right decision,” Lawler, (D-Comanche) said. “However, to prevent these rules from creeping upon us in the future, I will file legislation that statutorily bans the sale of lottery tickets at pawn shops and payday loan centers.”

Tuesday, the Oklahoma Lottery Commission voted unanimously to reverse the emergency rules approved last week that would have allowed ticket sales at pawnshops and payday loan companies.

Lawler, who spent 28 years as a classroom teacher, said she believes the commission can fulfill its mandate from the people of Oklahoma without selling tickets at pawn shops and payday loan centers.

“I can’t support encouraging people to borrow money to buy lottery tickets, it’s not healthy and it won’t lead to a healthier Oklahoma economy,” Lawler said. “That is why I intend to file legislation next session so these rules will never have to be an issue again for members of our Lottery Commission.”

State Rep. Wes Hilliard, a Democrat from Sulphur, said he will co-author the legislation in the House of Representatives and carry it through the legislation process next session.

“The unanimous decision by the members of the Lottery Commission today to ban the sale of lottery tickets at pawn shops and payday loan centers shows they understand that the people of Oklahoma never intended for people to borrow money to buy lottery tickets when they overwhelmingly approved the lottery in last year’s election,” Hilliard said. “But I still believe it’s important for the Oklahoma Legislature to do our part and pass a law that permanently bans ticket sales at these places so that we will never have to revisit this issue again.”

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