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Senator Jim Reynolds Volunteers To Remove Vehicle Inspection Stickers

State Senator Jim Reynolds removes a vehicle inspection sticker. State Senator Jim Reynolds removes a vehicle inspection sticker.

OKLAHOMA CITY - State Senator Jim Reynolds is inviting the public to join him and other volunteers this Saturday in Del City where they'll be helping people remove their vehicle inspection stickers. This past week the governor signed a bill making repeal of the mandatory inspections effective immediately.

"I got out and scraped off my old inspection sticker the very next morning. I have to tell you it felt great. Just the idea that we'd eliminated this government intrusion into our lives was a fantastic feeling," said Senator Reynolds, R-OKC.

Elimination of the mandatory inspection sticker will save Oklahomans $12 million a year. But Senator Reynolds says the job isn't finished until the sticker is removed.

"They can be kind of difficult to remove, but we have the scraping tools to get them off your windshield, so everyone is welcome to come to Del City and let us remove that old sticker for you. I have a feeling it'll seem a lot like a celebration, and in a way I guess it is," said Senator Reynolds.

Senator Reynolds and other volunteers will be at the Arvest Bank at 4600 S.E. 29th in Del City this Saturday May 26, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

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