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Senator Asks Henry to Conduct Background Checks on Potential Lottery Commissioners

A state senator called on Gov. Brad Henry to conduct comprehensive background checks of potential commissioners on the state’s new Lottery Commission.

“With the potential for corruption in gambling enterprises, we must ensure that Oklahoma’s new Lottery Commission is composed of individuals of unquestionable character and integrity,” stated Sen. Owen Laughlin, R-Woodward.

In a Dec. 10 opinion column, titled “Who Won on Election Day,” Henry wrote, “I am currently in the process of reviewing applications for the Lottery Commission … My staff and I are diligently working to find the right people to build the fiscally sound and scrupulous education lottery ...”

Laughlin said he hopes the governor is taking steps to ensure his Lottery Commission appointees are ethical and incorruptible.

“Gov. Henry should ensure that anyone under consideration to be appointed to Lottery Commission is properly vetted and receives a thorough background check, just as happens with appointees to the Horse Racing Commission,” he said.

“We must make every effort to ensure that those who are appointed to run and oversee the state lottery are up to the ethical challenges and temptations associated with big-time gambling,” Laughlin concluded.

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