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Senate votes to allow schools to stock lifesaving glucagon

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Senate gave unanimous approval Thursday to a measure that could potentially save students with diabetes in emergency situations. Senate Bill 147, by Sen. Carri Hicks, D-Oklahoma City, would allow school districts to stock glucagon, a hormone that raises blood glucose levels and is used to treat severe hypoglycemia.

Parents of children living with diabetes know all too well the anxiety that comes with their kids being away from home without proper meds,” Hicks said. “That anxiety should not extend to the classroom. Parents should feel safe knowing that if a hypoglycemic episode occurs, educators have glucagon on hand.”

During her debate, Hicks shared about a scary incident her son, who has type 1 diabetes, had earlier this week at school when he forgot his receiver for his insulin pump.

“My oldest has type 1 diabetes, and while most days he can live like any other kid, this week was tough. It’s important that schools have emergency alternatives on hand for when kids forget or misplace their regular medications, like insulin, or necessary medical equipment like my son did,” Hicks said. “Thousands of kids in our state share his experience. Access to lifesaving medication ensures that good days outnumber the bad. I look forward to following this bill’s journey through the House of Representatives and it becoming law.”

The bill now moves to the House for further consideration where Rep. Eddy Dempsey, R-Valliant, is the principal House author.


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