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Senate Sets Date for Impeachment Trial

Sen. Laster says trial date set.
Sen. Fisher makes motion to accept articles of impeachment.

Members of the State Senate approved two resolutions on Tuesday that laid the groundwork for the impeachment trial of State Insurance Commissioner Carroll Fisher to begin on September 27, 2004 at 1:30 p.m.

“That will give both the defense and the prosecution time to prepare. The morning of the 27th will be set aside for motions if there need to be any heard, but we expect to be ready to start promptly at 1:30 on September 27th,” explained Charlie Laster, Judiciary Chairman Designate for the State Senate.

The House Board of Managers, who will serve as prosecutors, officially presented the Senate with the five articles of impeachment approved by the House last week.

“We formally accepted those articles with the approval of Senate Resolution 1. We also formally organized as a court with the adoption of Senate Resolution 2 which details the rules for conducting the trial,” Laster said.

During Tuesday’s session, the officers of the court were given an oath of office, including State Supreme Court Chief Justice Joseph M. Watt who will serve as presiding officer of the court, as well as members of the Senate.

“The Senate does sit as a court of impeachment, so the members of the Senate are the court. We have a presiding officer who handles procedure, but basically the Senate will be the jury and make the final determination whether or not the commissioner should be removed from office.”

Although concerns have been raised as to whether the trial could be completed by November 16, the last day in office for some members of the legislature, Sen. Laster was confident that the trial would be concluded in a timely way.

“By starting on September 27th I am very confident that we will be done and we will fulfill our constitutional requirements well in advance of November 16th.”

from the State Senate proceedings can be heard live on the Internet by going to and selecting the live audio link on the homepage.

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