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Senate Republicans Challenge Henry to Stand Against Liberal Court Rulings, Detail Judicial Appointment Process

Sen. Williamson challenges Gov. Henry to make appointments reflect Oklahoma values.

State Capitol, Oklahoma City – Senate Republicans today challenged Governor Brad Henry to stand with the people of Oklahoma against recent liberal court rulings across the nation.

“We would like to know if he agrees with his fellow Democrat, Senator Bernest Cain, who said anyone who opposes the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage is a bigot. Or does the governor agree with the vast majority of Oklahomans that marriage is a sacred institution that should be protected?” said Senate Republican Leader James A. Williamson, R-Tulsa.

Recent liberal rulings by various federal and state courts around the nation – from legalizing gay marriage to declaring the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional to banning the display of the Ten Commandments at public buildings – are an assault on the traditional values Oklahomans hold dear, they said.

Williamson and other Senate Republicans also called on the governor to publicly announce what steps he is taking to ensure that his appointments to Oklahoma courts will not render the same kinds of outrageous rulings in Oklahoma courts that have occurred elsewhere in the U.S.

Williamson said Senate Republicans stand with their GOP colleagues in the House of Representatives who have introduced a resolution in support of traditional marriage. Williamson said Senate Republicans will likely file legislation to amend Oklahoma’s constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

“It is important for every Oklahoman to know where Governor Henry stands on these liberal court rulings. And Oklahomans need to know whether Governor Henry has a process in place to ensure that his judicial appointees will not be the kind of judges who would render the types of radical court decisions we have seen around the country,” stated Williamson.

“Senate Republicans will do whatever is necessary to protect Oklahoma’s traditional values, and we would love to have Governor Henry’s support in this effort. He could be of tremendous help if he would support our efforts to amend Oklahoma’s constitution to protect traditional marriage in this state,” he said.

The Republicans said that in order to protect traditional values from judicial activism, it is imperative to appoint judges who will strictly adhere to the constitutional principles on which the nation was founded.

“With the increasing number of radical court rulings seen around the nation, it is more important than ever that strict constitutionalists be appointed to the judiciary. Our hope is that Governor Henry is taking this to heart as he appoints judges to Oklahoma courts,” Williamson concluded.

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