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Senate Republican Caucus Elects New Leaders

OKLAHOMA CITY -Members of the Senate Republican Caucus have elected their new officers for the 48th Legislature. The members of the caucus selected Senator Jim Dunlap, R-Bartlesville to the office of Senate Minority Leader. Senator James A. Williamson, R-Tulsa will serve as Assistant Minority Leader. Senator Scott Pruitt, R-Broken Arrow is the incoming Minority Whip while Senator Glenn Coffee, R-Oklahoma City will serve as Caucus Chair.

Senators Dunlap and Williamson are completing their first term in the Senate. Senator Dunlap had previously served eight years in the House of Representatives, and Senator Williamson had served six years in that chamber. Senators Pruitt and Coffee were elected in the Senate in 1998.

"I am very proud to have been elected to serve as Minority Leader for the Senate Republican Caucus, and I'm looking forward to working with the other officers of our caucus in promoting legislative issues that will benefit the entire state," said Senator Dunlap.

Tulsa attorney Jim Williamson was elected to another term as Assistant Minority Leader during the recent caucus vote.

"We stood together on several key issues this year, that I believe resulted in better legislation and a stronger recognition of issues that should be important to all Oklahomans. I look forward to building on those accomplishments," said Senator Williamson.

Minority Whip-elect Scott Pruitt said the caucus members were looking forward to the next legislature.

"There are many concerns shared by thousands of Oklahomans across the state, whether it is about economic development issues, public safety, or religious freedom. They deserve a voice here at the Capitol," commented Senator Pruitt.

The caucus officials will formally begin their terms on January 2, 2001, and will each serve in those offices for a two-year term.

"This is an exciting time for Oklahoma, in terms of growth and rapid change. We have a unique opportunity ahead to really make a difference for the good of our state. I know my fellow caucus members and I are looking forward to helping make that happen," said Senator Coffee.

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