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Senate President Pro Tempore Cal Hobson Comments On the Passing of Former House Speaker Dan Draper

“I honestly believe that Speaker Draper was the most intelligent legislator that I ever had the pleasure to serve with in the Oklahoma Legislature. He understood the statutes better than anyone who has served in the House or the Senate in the 26 years that I’ve been here.

“He was a brilliant man and a very effective leader.

“When Dan Draper was Speaker there was no question who was running the House. At the same time I always found him to be extremely fair, informed and compassionate.”

“He was a very private man, one who was difficult to get to know personally, but I loved Dan Draper because he loved governing and he loved Oklahoma.

“My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Judy and the entire extended family in their time of grief.”

Note: Draper was elected Speaker of the House in 1979, Senator Hobson’s freshman year in the House.

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