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Senate Minority Whip Calls For Fair Hearing on Bills

OKLAHOMA CITY - Senate Republicans filed 189 bills this legislative session, but the overwhelming majority of them, 162, were never even heard by the committees they were assigned to. That's according to Senate Minority Whip Carol Martin.

"When the session began, both sides of the isle applauded Governor Keating's calls for bipartisan cooperation. But it seems all that good will was forgotten when it came time to consider our legislation," said Senator Martin.

"While committees do have to weed out duplications in legislation in order to keep the process moving, many of the issues our caucus addressed were not represented in any other surviving legislation," noted Senator Martin.

Of 16 bills addressing family issues, such as covenant marriage, out of wedlock birth, parental notification, the Senate approved only three pieces of legislation.

"The 15 members of our caucus represent thousands of Oklahomans across the state, from both urban and rural communities. Their concerns and views have a right to a fair hearing," said Senator Martin.

"It is time to put partisan politics aside and let these bills get the fair debate and discussion they deserve," said Martin. "It is time that all Oklahomans had the right to be heard."

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