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Senate Leaders Respond to Latest Lesson in "Daxonomics"

OKLAHOMA CITY - "The only difference between the latest legislative and executive budget proposals is education. We're trying to invest a significant amount of our growth revenue in our most effective economic development tool, education. Tom Daxon, on the other hand, would prefer to throw a few scraps to the public schools and let our economic development efforts wither on the vine. To ignore the needs of education as Mr. Daxon advocates is reckless behavior by any measure."

Statement from Senator Cal Hobson, Senate Appropriations Vice-chairman:

"I guess it's not surprising coming from Mr. Daxon since he recently proclaimed that education isn't an economic development tool. In the world of Daxonomics, education probably isn't a factor in the competition for new jobs, but in the real world that the rest of us operate in, it is the single biggest factor in the competition for new jobs."

Statement from Senator Stratton Taylor, Senate President Pro Tempore:

"This is just another shot in Tom Daxon's continuing nefarious attempts to make war on public education. The Keating administration began on an anti-education note by trying to cut higher education last year, but I had hoped it had since come to realize the economic importance of strong universities, public schools and vo-tech institutions. Surely a man as educated as Governor Keating doesn't buy into Mr. Daxon's Neanderthal philosophy that education doesn't matter."