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Senate Leader Seeks to Build Consensus; Will Ask Others to Put Partisanship Aside

Saying it’s time to put the contentious partisan politics of the election season in the past, Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan announced Monday plans for a series of meetings with other state leaders to begin anew the work of moving Oklahoma forward.

“To govern effectively, we have to find common ground. The last two years have been marked by a bitter partisan divide and a number of hard fought campaigns only widened that gap,” Morgan said. “Our job now is to build bridges and come together to form a consensus to move Oklahoma forward.”

Morgan said he will meet individually with Governor Brad Henry, Lt. Governor-elect Jari Askins, House Speaker-designate Lance Cargill, Senate Republican Leader Glenn Coffee and House Democratic Leader Danny Morgan.

“My goal will be to identify the issues on which we can agree and the initiatives we can all support. If we focus on what unites us rather than the issues that divide us, we can keep our attention on making a better tomorrow for our state’s next generation,” Morgan said.

Morgan said throughout the campaign season, Oklahomans have indicated that they want access to affordable healthcare for more people, an improved and more accountable public schools system and more and better paying jobs.

“In 2007, year we will celebrate the completion of Oklahoma’s first 100 years. Our job as state leaders is to ensure an even more progressive and successful second century for Oklahoma. We can do that if we put aside our differences and work together on the issues that are important to all Oklahomans,” Morgan said.

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