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Senate Leader Names GCCA Members

Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan has announced that 45 of the Senate’s 48 members have been assigned to the General Conference Committee on Appropriations.

“We have found in recent years that including nearly all of the members in the appropriations process allows our budget to truly reflect the values of the Oklahomans we represent,” Morgan said. “Having reached an agreement with the House on sub-committee allocations, it’s time for the heavy lifting on the budget to begin.”

Morgan noted that five weeks remain in the First Session of the 50th Oklahoma Legislature.

“I have complete confidence in the Senate sub-committee chairs and in their ability to work with their House counterparts to craft budgets that will allow state agencies to continue to provide critical services to the people of our state,” Morgan said.

GCCA members, who are divided into five sub-committees, will join House members named to the conference committee in writing the budgets of more than 80 state agencies.

In the Senate, only Morgan, Majority Leader Ted Fisher and Republican Leader Glenn Coffee were not named to the sub-committees and GCCA.


Senator Johnnie Crutchfield, Chair
(Senator Crutchfield is an ex officio member of all subcommittees)

Senator Johnnie Crutchfield, Chair
Senator Daisy Lawler, Vice Chair
Senator Cliff Aldridge
Senator Randy Bass
Senator Randy Brogdon
Senator Mary Easley
Senator Earl Garrison
Senator Cal Hobson
Senator Clark Jolley
Senator Stratton Taylor
Senator Kathleen Wilcoxson
Senator James Williamson

General Government & Transportation
Senator Frank Shurden, Chair
Senator Jay Paul Gumm, Vice Chair
Senator Gilmer Capps
Senator Harry Coates
Senator Owen Laughlin
Senator Scott Pruitt

Health and Social Services
Senator Tom Adelson, Chair
Senator Angela Monson, Vice Chair
Senator Ron Justice
Senator Susan Paddack
Senator Nancy Riley

Human Services
Senator Bernest Cain, Chair
Senator Patrick Anderson, Vice Chair
Senator Brian Crain
Senator Judy Eason McIntyre

Natural Resource & Regulatory
Senator Jeff Rabon, Chair
Senator Robert Kerr, Vice Chair
Senator Cliff Branan
Senator John Ford
Senator J. Berry Harrison
Senator Mike Johnson
Senator Mike Mazzei
Senator David Myers
Senator Jim Wilson
Senator Charles Wyrick

Public Safety and Judiciary
Senator Kenneth Corn, Chair
Senator Debbe Leftwich, Vice Chair
Senator Don Barrington
Senator Todd Lamb
Senator Charles Laster
Senator Richard Lerblance
Senator Jonathan Nichols
Senator Jim Reynolds

Contact info
Senate Communications Office- (405) 521-5774