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Senate Leader Hails Streaming Audio as a Success

Sen. Hobson discusses launch of streaming audio from Senate, House chambers.

For the first time ever, Oklahomans from across the state can now listen to the legislature live on the internet. The webcasts began this week with the first day of the 2004 legislative session and Gov. Brad Henry’s State of the State Address.

The streaming audio project was the result of a cooperative effort by the Oklahoma State Senate and the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA.) Then-interim executive director Bob Allen was able to secure private funds through the OETA Foundation for the streaming audio project. The project was completed under the watch of current executive director John McCarroll.

“There’s no substitute for seeing the system at work for yourself, but by putting this technology to work in partnership with OETA, we have opened a new window on the State Legislature for thousands of Oklahomans,” said Senator Hobson.

“Now, if they have an Internet connection, the public can keep track of what their elected officials are doing from any place in the state,” added Hobson.

The OETA streaming audio can be accessed through a link on the State Senate Web site at There is also a link to listen to live streaming audio from the House Chamber as well.

“I’m honored to have played a role in making this project a reality. Through the resources of OETA and the Internet, Oklahomans can follow the work of the legislature in a way never before possible. This is only the beginning of many great things to come,” noted OETA Foundation President Allen.

“This is an exciting first for OETA to be involved in a statewide communications project independent of our programming on behalf of the public good. With digitalization, we will be able to offer even more programs in the future—not just streaming audio but streaming video as well. We’re proud to bring this service to the people of Oklahoma,” said McCarroll.

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