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Senate Leader Comments on Senate Republican’s “Vision for a Better Oklahoma” Agenda

Statement by Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan

“I am encouraged by the agenda unveiled today by Senate Republicans. It appears to be void of the partisan rhetoric we have seen from them in the past. I am confident we can find common ground upon which to build a brighter future for all Oklahomans.

“Senate Democrats believe we need to do more to make healthcare more affordable for Oklahoma families struggling to make ends meet, that our high school students deserve greater access to a college education if they work hard and play by the rules and the middle class deserves a seat at the table in policies that affect their daily lives.

“In the coming weeks, we intend to unveil an aggressive, specific legislative agenda tackling these issues head on. We will certainly encourage Republicans to join us in our effort to move Oklahoma into greatness.

“In this Centennial year, when pride in our state is shining from every corner, I truly believe we have an opportunity to make history by working together for the greater good of all Oklahomans.”

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