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Senate Leader Comments on Merit-Based Teacher Pay Plans

Statement by Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan
“For years the Democratic Senate has put education first, because we understand every dollar invested in education is a critical investment in the future of all Oklahomans.
“We have led the way in bringing Oklahoma teacher pay to the regional average, and have fought for fairness in any teacher pay plan that has been signed into law.
“We will continue to fight for better pay for our teachers, sound investments in education and ensuring opportunity for all Oklahomans to receive the quality education they deserve.
“Merit-based teacher pay is one way to ensure accountability in the classroom and we are certainly intrigued by the idea. But we want to ensure fairness and objectivity in any merit-based pay raise plan that is put forth in the next legislative session.
“We look forward to working with the education community, legislative leaders and parents alike to determine how best to move forward and ensure we are keeping the brightest teachers guiding Oklahoma classrooms.”

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