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Senate Leader Comments on Dismissal of OEA Lawsuit

Statement by Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan

“The decision by Judge Owens to dismiss the OEA lawsuit is great news for educators, school children and communities all across this state. The dismissal proves that it is the exclusive prerogative of the Legislature to set school funding policies for Oklahoma.

“Senate Democrats have proven time and time again that we are more than willing to do our part to fund education at the level deserving of the future of our great state.

“Education is the key to a brighter future for generations to come in Oklahoma. It opens doors to greater economic prosperity for every Oklahoma family, and it is our moral obligation to ensure that we in the Legislature make it our top priority.

“I am extremely proud that Senate Democrats dug in our heels for increased investments in our classrooms this legislative session, including an historic $3000 pay raise for every Oklahoma teacher, despite others who were willing to overlook the opportunity of a lifetime to invest in our state’s future.

“Oklahomans can be proud of the proven track record Senate Democrats have when it comes to making education our top priority. The investments Senate Democrats championed this year will ensure that all Oklahoma children have the opportunity to become everything God intended for them to be and will truly help move Oklahoma forward.”

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