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Senate Leader Comments on Adoption of Rule by Oklahoma Health Care Authority to Allow Prenatal Care for Unborn Babies

Statement by Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan (D-Stillwater)

“The rule adopted today by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority allowing prenatal care for innocent unborn babies sends an important message about our values here in Oklahoma.
“Access to prenatal care gives babies the opportunity to have a healthy start to their life.
“In addition to valuing the life of a child, this rule also embraces the concept of fiscal responsibility by allowing Oklahoma to recover two-thirds of the costs associated with prenatal care to unborn babies from the federal government. It’s also a move that has been adopted by dozens of states around the country.
“Anyone who questions the decision by the OHCA to offer this fair shot at life to innocent children is sending a dangerous and hypocritical message that they do not embrace a culture of life.”

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