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Senate Honors Tulsa Memorial Chargers Basketball Team

Sen. Brian Crain Sen. Brian Crain

The state Senate on Tuesday honored the Tulsa Memorial High School basketball team for an extraordinary season of athletic accomplishments culminating in a class 6A state championship.

Senate Resolution 73, authored by Sen. Brian Crain, commends the Chargers who overcame a disappointing early season and the loss of two promising players to claim the state title.

The Chargers 2007-2008 season began inauspiciously as the team struggled to a 7-4 record early in the season before winning 13 consecutive games. The team rallied following the return from an ankle injury of leading scorer Blaise Voskuhl-Staab.

“This team and coaching staff accomplished something truly special this past season, as is the case with any state championship,” said Crain, R-Tulsa. “However, this team’s performance was especially commendable, as they came together in the face of adversity and showed tremendous dedication. The team showed marked improvement throughout the season, which is a reflection of strong coaching and leadership.”

The team averaged 69 points per game during the regular season, but under the direction of Coach Eric Savage, the Chargers showed flexibility in winning the state tournament while playing at a different tempo. In three games, the Chargers averaged 43.3 points while surrendering just 38.7. The team finished the season with a record of 25-5.

“The overall accomplishments of this group distinguish them as a truly special team,” Crain said. “They showed tremendous perseverance in achieving their goals.”

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