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Senate Honors Oklahoma Agriculture with Resolution

Sen. Ron Justice Sen. Ron Justice

As part of National Agriculture week, the state Senate on Tuesday approved a resolution declaring March 24, 2009, as “Ag Day” in the state of Oklahoma. Sen. Ron Justice, author of the resolution, said it was important to remember the important role agriculture plays in our economy and culture.

“When we promote agriculture, we’re promoting Oklahoma,” said Justice, R-Chickasha. “The performance of the agricultural economy is vital to both our state and the nation as a whole. Today, we salute our agricultural system and its role in making Oklahoma a great state.”

Justice, Chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, said agriculture remains one of the top employers in the state, providing jobs for one in every six Oklahomans. There are approximately 86,500 farms in the state, and agriculture contributed $5.8 billion to the Oklahoma economy in 2007.

“Agriculture is important not only to our economy but to our identity as a state,” Justice said. “It’s important that we acknowledge the men and women who maintain the strength of this industry and provide safe, quality products to homes throughout the country.”

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