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Senate GOP Budget Proposal Lacks Details

Statement by Senate Appropriations Chairman Johnnie Crutchfield

“The budget outline released by Senate Republicans today is just that – a very sketchy outline with no details. Senator Coffee couldn’t be more wrong than when he says that Senate Democrats are trying to engineer a shutdown of state government.

“Senate Republicans are the ones who voted as a block against funding for a multitude of state agencies two weeks ago.

“Today, I am releasing to the public a detailed explanation of both the common education appropriations bill the Senate passed March 14 and the general appropriations bill passed two days later, which create a nearly $5.9 billion state budget framework. This same information was passed on to the entire Republican caucus before either of these bills came to the Senate floor.

“We’re interested in seeing the same kinds of details from the Senate GOP budget proposal. I’m very interested to know which of the items funded in our budget, the Republican caucus chose not to fund.”

GA Bill Summary

SB 217 - Common Education Summary

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