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Senate Education Leader Congratulates Students, Teachers on ACT Score Increase

The Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Education Subcommittee says there's a lot more positive information in the latest
round of ACT scores than some state officials have acknowledged.

Oklahoma high school graduates scored an average 20.6 out of a possible 36. That's after scores had fallen slightly last year to 20.5. The national composite on the exams testing skills in the areas of English, math and science is 21.

"While we should continue to work towards our goal of meeting and surpassing the national average, I am very proud of the obvious effort Oklahoma students and educators are putting forth," said Senator Cal Hobson.

"Again, I think it is important to restate a couple of facts. Just over 72 percent of Oklahoma high school graduates actually took the exam, one of the highest percentages in the nation. Not all of these students are college bound," commented Hobson.

Normally when more students take the exam, the average tends to fall, but in Oklahoma, students have defied that trend.

"We're outscoring other states in the region, including Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. And with the exception of a very slight decrease last year, Oklahoma ACT scores have risen every year since 1992," added Hobson.

In addition, Oklahoma now has record numbers of students taking the ACT recommended core curriculum, a fact which will continue to better prepare students for life after high school, whether in college, vo-tech or in the work-force.

"I sincerely hope that Governor Keating and others within his administration will join us in giving Oklahoma students, teachers and parents the praise they deserve for their hard work and dedication. We are making critical improvements, and I am confident we will continue to see progress on ACT test results," said Hobson.

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