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Senate Democrats respond to proposed congressional map

Senate Democrats released the following statements in response to the proposed congressional map announced today:

“It is clear from the proposed map released today, the goal was to draw gerrymandered congressional districts to protect incumbents from competitive elections,” said Senate Democratic Leader Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City.

“Neighborhoods I represent will now be split between different congressional districts. Oklahomans deserve a fair map which keeps communities of interest together and gives minority voters a chance to have their voices heard in Congress. This map ignores those concerns and puts partisan politics ahead of what is best for Oklahoma.”

“Oklahomans deserve better,” said Sen. Julia Kirt, D-Oklahoma City, a member of the Select Committee on Redistricting.

“The public is just now seeing these maps after they are already decided. Many communities had their concerns ignored. A fair process would ensure all perspectives are not only heard, but also valued and reflected in the maps. Now this map will be pushed through in special session with little opportunity to make changes.”