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Senate Democrats Reject Effort to Increase College Graduates

State Senator James A. Williamson, R-Tulsa, attempted today to amend a bill to expand the OHLAP Scholarship Program. Senate Democrats rejected the amendment on a party line vote. Williamson’s amendment would require students whose families earn $50,000-$75,000 to earn a Bachelor’s Degree and remain in Oklahoma to qualify for the OHLAP Scholarship.

The bill would expand eligibility for the OHLAP Scholarship Program to families making $50,000 to$75,000, adding $66 million to the State’s annual budget when fully implemented.

Without the Williamson amendment, this bill does not contain any restrictions on the student’s leaving Oklahoma or requiring graduation.

“I believe that in light of the millions of dollars we are spending on this program the taxpayers should receive some assurance that the money will be used as an incentive to achieve our objective of increasing college graduates in Oklahoma, Williamson said.”

Williamson said this is especially important since the current OHLAP program faces a funding shortfall.

“Senate Democrats continue to want to spend every dollar of the budget without thinking through whether the expenditure accomplishes the stated objective,” Williamson stated.

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