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Senate Democrats propose alternate congressional map


Contact: Democratic Leader Kay Floyd

Capitol: (405) 521-5610

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senate Democrats announced Monday they had filed Senate Bill 6X, legislation to enact a fair congressional map for Oklahoma.

“This map shows it is possible to draw fair congressional districts without gerrymandering,” said Senate Democratic Leader Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City.

Under the proposed map, 93% of Oklahomans would stay in their current congressional district. The map also keeps 72 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties whole and more accurately reflects where Oklahomans live. The map focuses on compactness and keeping communities of interest together. The congressional map proposed by the majority forces 28.5% of Oklahoma County into a new congressional district. This includes 56% of Oklahoma County’s Hispanic residents.

“The goal of a congressional map should be representation not political partisanship,” said Sen. Michael Brooks, D-Oklahoma City. “This map ensures that communities like the south side of Oklahoma City will have their voices heard in Congress.”

“The congressional map enacted by the Legislature will be in place for the next decade,” said Sen. Julia Kirt, D-Oklahoma City. “The process should be open, transparent, and deliberate. The map we are proposing shows that you can draw a congressional map while listening to and incorporating public input.”

The Senate Select Committee on Redistricting is meeting on Tuesday to vote on a congressional map. Oklahoma Senate Democrats urge the committee to allow a vote on SB 6X so Oklahomans have a real choice for their congressional districts.