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Senate Democrats Praise Sessions Accomplishments

Senate President Pro Tem Mike Morgan addresses reporters following Sine Die along wtih other memebers of the Democratic caucus. Senate President Pro Tem Mike Morgan addresses reporters following Sine Die along wtih other memebers of the Democratic caucus.
Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Mike Morgan & caucus discuss 2005 session.
Motion to Sine Die audio with Assistant floor leader Sens. Angela Monson & Jay Paul Gumm presiding & Sen. Robert M. Kerr making the motion

Oklahoma is a better place to live today because of the efforts of Senate Democrats in the First Session of the 0th Oklahoma Legislature, President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan said moments after the session concluded at :22 p.m. Senate Democrats fought hard for working families and made sure any legislation passed out of this body that would help make tomorrow better for our children, said Morgan, DStillwater. Morgan said it would be easy to call 200 the Education Session but added the list of accomplishments is so long that such a characterization might be inadequate. We have done great things for education, beginning with record funding at all levels and including greater accountability for both students and educators. We have begun our fouryear journey to raise teachers salaries to the regional average and have made a record investment in our college and university campuses, Morgan said. But education was hardly the only winner in the session, the Senate leader said. Session accomplishments include a significant tax cut for working families and an historic investment in road and bridge maintenance. Healthcare measures promoted by Governor Brad Henry and Senate Democrats also became law along with legislation that will create greater financial security for members of the Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard. Morgan was joined at his post session press conference by Majority Leader Ted Fisher, Appropriations Chairman Johnnie Crutchfield and other members of the Senate Democratic Caucus. Many of the lawmakers addressed specific session accomplishments. Im very proud of the budget we have crafted. We have appropriated more than billion and at the same time will make a record deposit the Rainy Day Fund. Its the first time since the Rainy Day Fund was created that when money was available in the fund that we didnt touch it, said Crutchfield, DArdmore. And, on top of that, we have passed the largest tax cut package in state history. Assistant Majority Leader Jay Paul Gumm, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, addressed the tax cuts. The package of targeted tax cuts we have enacted will strengthen Oklahoma families, boost small businesses, and give every Oklahoma community an opportunity to fulfill its promise, said Assistant Majority Leader Jay Paul Gumm , DDurant. It will put money back in the pockets of working families and make Oklahoma a more attractive retirement destination. Majority Caucus Chairman Kenneth Corn noted the road and bridge maintenance plan passed by lawmakers as a major accomplishment of the session. Weve made an historic investment in road and bridge maintenance in our state. Oklahomans will begin seeing the results of this bill before the end of this year. In the coming decade, hundreds of bridges will be replaced and repaired while thousands of miles of highways will be resurfaced, said Corn, DPoteau. Majority floor leader Ted Fisher said one of the most important accomplishments of the session is that lawmakers have made these investments while making certain that Oklahoma maintains its ability to fund public education, health care, job creation and the services our states most vulnerable citizens count on every day. We have struck a critical balance that will make tomorrow better for our children, Fisher said.

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