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Senate Democrats Block Meaningful Workers Comp Reform Bill

Senate Democrats voted along party lines Wednesday to block a meaningful workers’ compensation reform bill from advancing on the Senate floor.

“Senate Democrats had a meaningful workers’ comp reform bill on their desks, and they chose to play politics instead of choosing to make history. Their vote today was a vote against meaningful workers’ comp reform,” stated Sen. Scott Pruitt, R-Broken Arrow, the Senate author of House Bill 2046.

“We had a bill before the Senate that really eliminates dueling doctors, reins in out of control litigation, and reduces medical costs. Instead of moving the bill forward, Democrats tried to send the bill to a conference committee where it could be watered down – just like they successfully did last year to lawsuit reform,” Pruitt said.

Instead of allowing the Democrats to water down HB 2046, Pruitt pulled his bill from consideration by the Senate.

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