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Senate Co-President Comments on Oklahoma’s Financial Condition

Sen. Glenn Coffee Sen. Glenn Coffee

Following a news conference by Gov. Brad Henry and State Treasurer Scott Meacham, Senate Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee, R-Oklahoma, issued the following statement.

“Our nation is facing economic uncertainty. Thankfully, the Legislature’s conservative fiscal policies of the past two years have put Oklahoma in a much better position than most states to weather this situation. The Senate is working with the House and the governor’s office to ensure that our state government responds appropriately to any economic challenges,” said Coffee.

Coffee noted, “Our tax relief program has helped keep Oklahoma’s economy stronger than most of the nation, and our successful resistance of efforts to over-spend in the state budget and to raid the Rainy Day Fund for non-emergencies means that Oklahoma is very well prepared if we’re faced with a fiscal downturn,” he said.

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