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Senate Co-President Comments on Appointment of New State Auditor

Sen. Glenn Coffee Sen. Glenn Coffee

State Senate Co-President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee, R-Oklahoma City, commented on Gov. Brad Henry’s appointment of Antlers banker Steve Burrage as the new State Auditor and Inspector.

“I am very hopeful that Mr. Burrage will bring integrity and honesty to the office of State Auditor and Inspector,” Coffee said. “However, former Auditor McMahan’s conviction still serves as a reminder of the mistake Gov. Henry made by vetoing legislation to create a legislative Office of Accountability and Innovation that would help the Legislature weed out inefficiency and corruption in government.”

“As a co-equal branch of government, the Legislature should be involved in ensuring that state government is efficient, accountable, and free from corruption. Senate Republicans will push for more reforms like the Office of Accountability and Innovation during the 2009 legislative session,” he said.

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