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Senate Art Now On The Internet

People all over the world can now see the original artwork that's been commissioned by the Oklahoma State Senate Historical Preservation Fund Inc. That's according to State Senator and Historical Fund President Charles Ford who announced the works, descriptions of the paintings and information about the artists can now be viewed on the Oklahoma State Senate website.

"Many people don't realize that the State Capitol building is a top tourist destination in our state, especially now that the new dome and statue of the Guardian have been completed. But even before those projects, the Senate Historical Preservation Fund had been working to help fill the Capitol with beautiful works of art depicting scenes from Oklahoma history, all created by Oklahoma artists," explained Senator Ford.

So far, more than 30 works of art have been commissioned as a result of the State Senate Historical Fund's efforts. As new works are dedicated, they will be added for viewing on the Senate website.

"These paintings help bring pivotal moments in our history to life, including some events many Oklahomans may not be aware of. Hopefully they'll all have a chance to visit the State Capitol and see them in person, but until then, they can see this artwork and maybe learn a little something about Oklahoma history on the Internet," said Ford.

The historical scenes depicted in the paintings range from events such as the Land Run of 1889 to the first arrival in what is now Tulsa by members of the Creek Nation. Several portraits are included in the collection as well, including Oklahoma icon Frank Eaton, better known as "Pistol Pete."

To view the works of the State Senate Historical Preservation Fund Inc., go the Oklahoma Senate website at, then select "Senate Artwork" from the main menu.

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