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Senate Approves Telemarketer Restriction Act

OKLAHOMA CITY - The full Senate has approved a measure to help put an end to unwanted sales calls. Senate author Keith Leftwich said he's pleased the legislation has cleared another hurdle.

"The response we've gotten since we first announced this measure has been overwhelming," explained Senator Leftwich. "People are tired of coming home from work only to have their meal and family time interrupted by phone sales calls."

If signed into law, Senate Bill 511 would create a statewide no-telemarketing-sales-call registry. The registry would apply to both telemarketing calls originating in Oklahoma and from other states as well.

Under SB 511, individuals or businesses wanting to block telemarketing calls would notify the Attorney General's office using a toll-free number. Any telemarketers calling those numbers 30 days after they are entered in the registry would face fines. Senator Leftwich said the Attorney General will likely determine the level of those fines.

"In no way would this prevent those who rely on telemarketing from doing business here in Oklahoma. But at the same time, consumers should have the right to say they are not interested in doing business in that way. Without a doubt, the vast majority of phone calls, e-mails and letters I've received during the past few weeks tell me Oklahomans want that option," said Senator Leftwich.

The bill next moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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