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Senate Approves Resolution Designating “Honor and Remember Flag” to Officially Honor Fallen Soldiers

Sen. Bill Brown Sen. Bill Brown
Sen. Brown explains SJR 48.

The state Senate on Tuesday approved a resolution designating the “Honor and Remember Flag” to officially recognize and honor fallen members of the United States Armed Forces. Sen. Bill Brown, R-Broken Arrow, author of Senate Concurrent Resolution 48, said the flag was an appropriate unifying symbol for recognizing the nation’s debt to fallen servicepersons.

“It is our hope that this gesture of recognition will remind the families of our servicemen and women that the sacrifices of their loved ones were not in vain, and that they will not be forgotten,” said Brown. “As someone who has lost a family member in combat, I don’t want my children to forget the sacrifice that was paid by their grandfather. I’ve authored this resolution and plan to donate this flag so we might have another opportunity to properly recognize and highlight our nation’s tribute to these men and women.” Two months after Senator Brown’s birth, his father was killed in combat in World War II.

The “Honor and Remember Flag” was conceived to establish a nationally recognized flag that would fly continuously as a visible reminder to all Americans of the lives lost in defense of our national freedoms during our 200 year history. The flag is a tangible symbol of the nation’s gratitude and respect for the ultimate sacrifice made by fallen servicepersons.

House co-author Rep. Dan Kirby, R-Tulsa, said it was important that the state designate an official emblem of recognition for fallen servicepersons. “Today we have made a statement that these men and women deserve tangible, lasting recognition for their contribution,” said Kirby. “While we can never adequately thank them for their sacrifice, a unifying symbol of gratitude and recognition is tremendously important.”

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