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Senate Approves OHLAP Expansion

Entire debate on OHLAP expansion bill - Sens. James A. Williamson, Cal Hobson, Bernest Cain, Jim Reynolds, Frank Shurden and Jonathan Nichols.
Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Mike Morgan debates for OHLAP expansion bill.

Democratic leaders Tuesday won approval by the full State Senate of an important middleclass expansion of the states successful meritbased scholarship program.
We believe Oklahomans want us to focus this year on more than just the next election and turn our attention to the next generation. Weve done that in the Senate by sending this important investment in Oklahomas future to the House in the first month of the legislative session and we hope our colleagues across the rotunda will work quickly to send this measure on to Governor Henry, Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan said.
Senate Bill 993 raises the maximum income eligibility level to ,000 for the Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program, which pays college scholarships to students who complete a college preparatory curriculum, make good grades and stay out of trouble during high school.
OHLAP promotes greater personal responsibility and accountability among students and it rewards those who are willing to work hard and play by the rules, Morgan said.
Expansion of OHLAP will offer more educational opportunities to Oklahomas middle class by making percent of the high school students in Oklahoma eligible to seek a scholarship.
SB 993 now goes to the House for consideration.

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