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Senate approves Gurry nomination to Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority

The full Senate gave final approval to Deirdre Gurry of Enid to serve as a member of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority. The nomination was carried by Sen. Roland Pederson, R-Burlington.

Gurry’s career in aviation and aerospace began in 1999 when she received her mechanical engineering degree, and she’s spent more than 20 years climbing the ranks since. She’s a commercial pilot and certified flight, multi-engine and instrument instructor, and her career includes serving as the director of operations and government flight representative for a defense contract management agency; chief of safety for the 71st Flying Training Wing; squadron commander for the 8th Flying Training Squadron; Enid Woodring Regional Airport director; and is the owner of Aviaspire, LLC, an aviation consulting and pilot service that provides contract flying, instruction and Federal Aviation Administration application processing. Gurry retired from active duty with the U.S. Air Force as a lieutenant colonel in 2019.

“Deirdre is an excellent choice to help grow and expand our state’s thriving aviation and aerospace industry,” Pederson said. “Her experience is extensive and has touched on all facets of the industry. Simply put, there’s nothing Deirdre can’t do when it comes to aerospace and aviation. Her perspective as a member of the board will be valuable, and it was an honor to carry her nomination through the Senate.”

The Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority owns and operates the Oklahoma Air and Spaceport on behalf of the state of Oklahoma and is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the complex. Located in Burns Flat, the spaceport is only one of 12 in the nation, and home to one of the country’s longest and widest runways available for both civilian and military use.