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Senate Appropriations Chair disappointed by Health Care Authority cancellation of managed care RFP

Sen. Kim David Sen. Kim David

Senate Appropriations Chair Kim David said she was disappointed by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority’s decision to cancel the Request for Proposal (RFP) for SoonerHealth+, a capitated care coordination plan to serve Oklahoma Medicaid’s aged, blind and disabled (ABD) population.
David, R-Porter, disagreed with the reasons given for cancelling the RFP. A statement issued Wednesday pointed to “the uncertainty surrounding both federal and state funding.” The statement also said the agency had requested about $52 million to fund the care coordination model, but the additional funds were not appropriated.

“This statewide model would have saved money for Oklahoma with a program that would better serve these individuals, providing a greater continuity of care and services that would have kept them out of the hospital and in their own homes. Any uncertainty of funding would make adopting this model all the more important,” David said. “I also question OHCA’s claim that it would take $52 million to fund the care coordination model—these are individuals we’re already caring for, and in talking to other states, they encountered no such need for additional funding when they moved to this system.”
Legislation directing OHCA to initiate an RFP for a care coordination model for the ABD population was approved by lawmakers and signed by the governor in 2015.

“Research began even before that, and after passage of the legislation, public hearings were held throughout the state with the public and all the stakeholders in this process,” David said. “Tremendous time, research and work have gone into this effort to better serve these Oklahomans and, at the same time, save tax dollars. This is a missed opportunity to create a superior system of care and it had the support of the legislature and the governor. I’m very disappointed by OHCA’s action.”
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