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Senate advances bill to provide veterans free treatment for traumatic brain injury

Sen. Mark Allen Sen. Mark Allen

A bill allowing Oklahoma veterans to be provided with free hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) for traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been approved by the state Senate.

Senate Bill 1604, the Veterans Recovery Plan Act, states that any Oklahoma veteran who has been diagnosed with TBI, and prescribed HBOT by a medical professional, may receive free treatment at any licensed and equipped facility in the state.

Sen. Mark Allen, author of the bill, said his proposal will provide desperately needed help for men and women who have sacrificed for their country.

“Many Oklahoma veterans are struggling with symptoms of traumatic brain injury, and have been unable to get the treatment they need,” said Allen, R-Spiro. “These men and women have represented us in combat and are entitled to the highest level of care we can provide them upon their return. This bill will broaden access to a proven treatment method for our injured veterans.”

The bill will create the Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment and Recovery Revolving Fund for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Under the measure, the Oklahoma State University Center for Aerospace and Hyberbaric Medicine will have statewide jurisdiction over all treatments provided and all requests for reimbursement from the revolving fund. The bill will have no fiscal impact.

SB 1604 was approved unanimously and advances to the House for consideration.

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