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Sen. Treat comments on Supreme Court’s ruling on pro-life measure

State Sen. Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, issued the following statement after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled pro-life legislation approved in 2015 was unconstitutional because it covered multiple subjects. Treat was principal author of Senate Bill 642.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court too often wields its power to strike down good legislation because a bill doesnt suit the courts political ideology. The Supreme Court takes a very different view of the single subject rule when it suits a cause they support; however, the courts application of the single subject rule becomes remarkably strict when it comes to pro-life legislation. Most Oklahomans would agree this is an important piece of legislation that covers one single subject. This bill was intended to protect minors by collecting and maintaining evidence of the rape of a child so such evidence could be used to help convict sexual predators. Reasonable minds can agree this is a very worthy goal. The single subject provision was a noble attempt to protect the process. Unfortunately, the court has perverted its intent to force its ideology on Oklahomans. Sen. Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City


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