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Sen. Sykes responds to media inquiries regarding SB 1203

Sen. Anthony Sykes Sen. Anthony Sykes

In response to multiple media inquiries regarding Senate Bill 1203 and the story in yesterdays Sunday Oklahoman, Senator Anthony Sykes, R-Moore, issued the following statement today:

As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee for the past eight years, I have been approached by Oklahoma motorists, law enforcement and judges regarding the total costs associated with a 1-10 miles per hour over the limit speeding ticket. Over the years, the cost of a 1-10 mile per hour over the limit citation has increased to roughly $225 for a single infraction. SB 1203 will reduce that cost to $100.

The goals of SB 1203 are to reduce the impact to Oklahoma motorists for such a minor infraction and improve public safety. The high cost had a disproportionate impact on Oklahoma motorists and over the years fewer tickets were being issued. Limiting the fine and costs to $100 is more equitable to the offense of 1-10 miles per hour over the limit. Nothing in SB 1203 limits or affects the discretion state troopers are able to exercise when making the determination as to whether a citation is warranted.

SB 1203 takes effect 90 days after Sine Die adjournment, which was May 3, 2018. The measure has a two-year sunset built into the bill and is specifically limited to speeding violations of 1-10 miles per hour over the limit.

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