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Sen. Sykes Condemns Pro-Sharia Ruling

Sen. Anthony Sykes Sen. Anthony Sykes

On Thursday, US District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange issued a permanent injunction against the State Election Board from certifying the results of State Question 755. State Question 755 was approved by 70% of Oklahoma voters in the November 2010 elections and would have banned the use of Sharia law and International law in Oklahoma courts.

“Ironically, this ruling comes as Major Nidal Hasan is trying to use Sharia Law as his defense at his trial for the mass murders and attempted murders of United States service members and citizens,” said State Senator Anthony Sykes (R-Moore).

Major Hasan is currently on trial for murder and attempted murder in the November 5, 2009 attack at Fort Hood, Texas.

Sykes was the Senate author of the resolution that put SQ 755 on the ballot for a statewide referendum.

“This ruling makes America more vulnerable to terrorist attacks by solidifying Sharia Law as a defense to use in court. Not to mention that the overwhelming voice of the people is being strangled,” said Sykes. “One has to wonder how much longer the people will continue to even be relevant in our system of government if we continue down this path. I am a firm believer that all power in government comes from the consent of the governed.”

“Sharia is a competing constitution and will plunge our Nation into chaos. I cannot understand how an American can look at the government in Iran and what is going on in Egypt today and want that here.”

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