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Sen. Standridge praises parents and other supporters after State Board of Education approves Norman charter school

Sen. Rob Standridge Sen. Rob Standridge

State Sen. Rob Standridge applauded the State Board of Education’s decision Thursday to approve a proposed French immersion charter school in Norman. The concept for the charter school came about after the French immersion program at Reagan Elementary in Norman was cut. Parents of students who were thriving in the program worked tirelessly to continue the school’s mission through a charter school, the Le Monde Internal School. Standridge was among those supporting the application.

“We are thrilled that LeMonde will become a reality, and I want to thank the State Board of Education, and especially the parents, teachers and other supporters throughout the community who have worked so hard to ensure this unique educational opportunity will continue to be available for Norman students,” said Standridge, R-Norman. “Charter schools are a way to offer innovative approaches to educating our children in an environment that motivates and stimulates learning. This dedicated group of citizens worked for months to come up with one of the most innovative charter school ideas in the history of our state.”
Standridge said the Norman community had embraced the proposed charter school, and said because of the passion and commitment of the parents of children involved in the Norman Public Schools French Immersion program, many more children would be able to benefit from the vision born at Reagan Elementary years before.

“So many people involved in education, including administrators, teachers and even parents will tell you without hesitation that much of the problem today with getting a child a solid education is the lack of parent involvement and commitment. LeMonde is an example of exactly the opposite. This school will become a reality because of the many parents, students and outstanding educators who became impassioned and involved to a degree rarely ever seen in common education today,” Standridge said. “Approval of this unique charter school and the educational opportunities it will offer is a huge step forward for our students, our community and our state.”

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