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Sen. Shortey Urges House to Hear Bounty Hunter Bill

Sen. Shortey introduced legislation aimed at bounty hunters last session.

Recent news accounts of local bounty hunters terrorizing an innocent Midwest City family underscore the need for common sense legislation. State Sen. Ralph Shortey was the principal author of Senate Bill 805 that would close a loophole allowing bounty hunters to carry guns in Oklahoma.

“This bill passed unanimously in the Senate and was approved by the House Public Safety Committee. Unfortunately, it was never heard on the House floor,” said Shortey, R-Oklahoma City. “I hope recent events and public outcry will convince the House to take up this bill when the session reconvenes in February.”

According to the Midwest City Police Department, the victims reported that the bounty hunters who go by the name of

“The Bounty Boys” forced their way into the family’s home. The parents were taken to a separate room while their children, ages 3, 12 and 14, were detained in another part of the home. The mother was kept from her frightened children during the 45 minute ordeal. After questioning the family and searching the home, the Bounty Boys, who have posted numerous videos of their encounters on YouTube, realized they were at the wrong location. They have retained an attorney and are expected to meet with police next Monday.

“I cannot imagine how frightened those parents and their children must have been,” Shortey said. “Whatever the reason for not hearing my bill, I hope that my colleagues in the House will pay close attention to this incident and act quickly to approve SB 805 next session.”

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