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Sen. Sharp receives committee assignments

OKLAHOMA CITY – On Monday, Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman announced the committee assignments for the 54th Legislature.  Sen. Ron Sharp will be serving on five committees.

The freshman legislator has been appointed to the Education, Tourism and Wildlife, Veterans and Military Affairs, and Business and Labor Committees as well as the Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government and Transportation. 

“These committees deal with issues that are important to me and I’m glad to have been assigned to them,” said Sharp.  “I’m anxious to get to work on my own legislation as well as see what bills are brought up in committee.”

Sharp has vast experience in the field of education having taught for 38 years at Shawnee Public Schools and with the last 12 years as an AP Government and American History instructor.  He has a doctorate in education with an emphasis in political science and has won numerous teaching awards throughout the years. 

“Our nation was built on the core values of freedom, capitalism, personal responsibility and liberty.  I love getting students interested in history and government and teaching them these important principles,” said Sharp.  “I’m anxious to put my knowledge to work as we begin filing bills and preparing for the upcoming session.”

Not only does Sharp bring an extensive knowledge of history and government to the Capitol, but being in the classroom has also given him great insight into many of the social problems facing Oklahoma’s families. 

“Over the years, I’ve gained a strong understanding of how best to reach our youth and help them be successful.  Unfortunately, I’ve also seen the many social problems and challenges facing families that can negatively affect a child’s learning,” said Sharp.  “My main focus will be on improving education in our state, but in order to do that we’re going to have to address some of the social problems that are distracting students from their studies and keeping them from reaching their full potential.”    

The Shawnee Republican believes that state government should focus on core services and let the private sector take care of less important programs in order to be efficient and cost effective.

“I’m a strong advocate for making state government smaller and more efficient by eliminating unnecessary spending and reducing burdensome regulation.  Government cannot be all things to all people,” said Sharp.  “We must focus on those vital services that citizens depend on including, among others, education, public safety and transportation.  We must let the private sector tackle those programs that aren’t completely necessary and drain funds away from the core services of government; and I’m going to work hard to see that this happens.”

The Senate will convene on Tuesday, January 8 for an Organizational Day and then session will begin on Monday, February 4. 

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