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Sen. Ron Sharp receives high score for business advocacy

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Research Institute for Economic Development (RIED), a non-partisan organization and producer of the annual RIED Report, a grading system of Oklahoma legislators’ votes on key economic development issues, recently announced that Senator Ron Sharp (R-Shawnee) recorded a score of 94 on the 2015 RIED Report.  During the first three legislative sessions served of his first term, Senator Sharp’s average score is 96. 

“Economic development is not a partisan issue.  We all want Oklahoma to continue to grow economically and to further enhance our job market.  These votes were easy for me because I knew that I was not only voting to further our state, but every vote was also a vote for the future of Oklahoma families,” said Sharp, R-Shawnee.

Under the RIED evaluation system, legislators earn positive points when they support job creation and economic development issues. Points are deducted when they introduce or vote for legislation that negatively impacts Oklahoma’s business climate.  A score of 70 and above represents a passing grade while 69 and below represents a failing grade.  

“Economic development, business and job creation continue to be a focal point of the majority of the Oklahoma legislature,” said Susan Winchester, RIED president. “Once again this legislative session, Senator Sharp demonstrated his support and advocacy for improving Oklahoma’s business environment.”

During the 2015 session, seven senators and 12 representatives achieved perfect scores. In addition, 120 of the 149 legislative members received passing scores of 70 or higher including 42 Senate members (90%) and 78 House members (77%).  Overall, 82% of the total legislative membership scored 70 or higher.

“The legislative scores this session represent by far the best overall support for business during my tenure with RIED, and it is imperative that this positive attitude toward business continue next session and in sessions beyond,” said Greg Love, RIED board chairman. “Oklahoma is on the move, yet we still have so much untapped potential with regards to economic development opportunities for our citizens.  I am excited for our future.”

The 2015 RIED Report is available at

The Research Institute for Economic Development was founded in 1997 and is a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting economic growth through the evaluation of business, job and economic growth issues considered annually by the Oklahoma Legislature. RIED does not lobby issues or endorse candidates.


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Research Institute for Economic Development

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